What it takes to be a Saskatoon Realtor®


I often have aquaintances (I won’t say friends as they know how hard I work), clients, university students, and people from the public ask me about my job and they all wonder if they could also be a real estate agent in Saskatoon. I have some answers below.

Q.Can almost anyone out there get their real estate license?
A. Yes

Q.Is it hard to get your license?
A.Not really if you know how to study.

Q.Is it hard to be a real estate agent in Saskatchewan?
A.Yes and no.

Q.Is it hard to be a successful real estate agent in Saskatoon?
A.Yes. The reasons are many and I will outline some below.

1. Anyone who has some book smarts can probably get their real estate license (but we do get fingerprinted so felons need not apply!) but not everyone can live the life of a Realtor® or find success in this lifestyle. It is one of the few careers out there that is also a lifestyle as we don’t leave our work at the office on Friday afternoon and pick it up again Monday. Not if you want to be successful that is.

2. One of the keys to being a successful real estate agent in Saskatoon and in general is to truly love what you do. I am passionate about helping people sell homes in Saskatoon as well as helping people buy a house for sale in Saskatoon…and condos for sale in Saskatoon of course as that is a large percentage of what I sell. For me, in general, what I do is not work (okay, I lied, the keeping up with the paperwork part IS work, but meeting people, showing houses for sale in Saskatoon, and helping people achieve their dreams is not work!)

3. A Realtor® in Saskatoon must be prepared to answer their phones from 7:30am until sometimes midnight if they have a deal on the go (if they have an offer on one of their houses for sale in Saskatoon or they are helping a person buy a house for sale in Saskatoon). I have had to run to the office at 11pm on more than one occasion to meet a client to get them their dream home as there was another offer on the table and they wanted that particular house for sale in Saskatoon.

Successful Realtors® in Saskatoon do not turn their phone off Friday afternoon and leave their clients high and dry until Monday. Successful Realtors® in Saskatoon are prepared to hop in their car to meet their clients at a house for sale in

Saskatoon the minute we see it may be ‘the one’ for their clients.

4. There is a lot of competition for Realtors® in Saskatoon. There are a lot of agents in the industry now and they are younger and eager. We also compete with for sale by owners and discount brokerages.

Q. I love looking at houses on MLS®, should I become a Realtor® in Saskatoon?
A. MOST people love looking at houses on MLS®! It is a fun past time and one of the most visited websites in the world. That isn’t what being a real estate agent in Saskatoon is all about. It is having the personality, business sense, work ethic, drive, lack of a life at times, and ability to say ‘next’ when people you have come to trust disappoint you and ditch you as their Saskatoon Realtor® if you don’t pick up your phone one time when they call. It can be upsetting when you spend countless hours, evenings, weekends with people only to have them buy from another agent when you are unavailable for an hour.

Q. Do you get paid an hourly wage?
A. No. It is strictly commission so the comment above about spending hours, evenings, days, etc with people and then not getting paid in the end can be a hard pill to swallow.

Q. Is it a safe career?
A. Personal safety is always a concern in this industry. A Saskatoon real estate agent was attacked a few years ago and women in particular are the targets of unwanted attention and inappropriate phone calls at times.

Q. Is there any job security?
A. No, if you don’t work you don’t get paid. You have to seek out clients.

Q. Is there disability, health care, etc?
A. It depends on which company you work for but it is paid for by the real estate agent.

Q. Can you get a pension?
A. No, you are self employed, a contractor.

Kari Calder
Saskatoon Real Estate Agent
Century 21 Fusion

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  2. martin

    hello, my name is martin. I’m very interested in becoming a well known realtor I’m looking at starting in saskatoon and then working my way up, Im always good at talking very motivated and always looking to help others as much as i can. family and friends always tell me i should become a sales personal. one question i would have to ask any one that can answer this is, ” do you have to have a grad 12″ by that i mean. i graduated from England manchester in 2005, I’m just not sure if i have a grad 12 with it, I’m guessing i do but just not sure. also is it hard to get started in the real estate business, sorry for all the question. I’m 24 years old and just want something to better myself and i strongly believe this is what I’m in need of doing, thanks martin

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