Surrounding Area

The area surrounding the city of Saskatoon is divided into 4 quadrants. The standard that the Saskatoon MLS systems uses to classify these are: S6 (NW), S7 (NE), S8 (SE), S9 (SW). Each quadrant is populated with a variety of small towns, each with their own unique characteristics. Just like the Saskatoon real estate market, these towns are starting to see some big growth as there is a large market for acreage’s and small community living. There are a number of smaller towns that are only a small commute away from Saskatoon. These towns tend to have more affordable housing and enough amenities to make small town living enjoyable, but they are also an easy and convenient drive to Saskatoon. In all areas there has been a considerable amount of construction and new housing developments going up.

For any information on the surrounding areas of Saskatoon please visit other sections of my website and feel free to contact me at anytime.

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