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Why Hire Kari Calder?

I would love the opportunity to meet with you and to earn your business in person, but here are a few reasons I would like you to consider me as this is a major decision and you will want a Saskatoon real estate agent who will work hard for you.

Part of my job as a Saskatoon real estate agent, is to ensure qualified buyers see your property. Most serious buyers work with a real estate agent, so as a team of realty professionals we are able to match serious buyers with the right type of home. Unfortunately, some Saskatoon real estate agents believe their job is done when you sign the listing agreement, whereas I know we are just at the beginning! I follow a step-by-step marketing program that will provide you with service that is both professional and courteous. It will constantly expose your Saskatoon home to qualified buyers. I use many different means of online marketing. My Saskatoon real estate website is available 24 hours a day from around the world, and this is just one method out of many I use. I believe in adverting and doing open houses to gain maximum exposure for your Saskatoon home.

I understand the Saskatoon real estate market, and often the success of a sale is based on the simple law of supply and demand. Saskatoon real estate is constantly fluctuating in price, just like any part of the economy. The real estate market and prices are determined by who is buying and selling at any given time. I deal with the Saskatoon real estate market every day therefore my knowledge of the market and its ups and downs helps me to promote your home effectively. I also work with a great team of professionals at Century 21 Fusion who are cooperative and who are also always there if we need another opinion. I am a team player and don’t hesitate to get ideas and recommendations from other Saskatoon real estate agents if it is going to sell your property quicker and for a higher price.

I won’t pull a number out of thin air, and neither should you. Most sellers have an idea of what they would like for their house based on their knowledge of what their friend’s or neighbours houses are selling for, however I will show you the hard facts that will help you determine the best asking price in the Saskatoon real estate market. I am realistic and don’t want my sellers to overprice or undervalue. I will do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that will show you what similar properties in Saskatoon and the surrounding area have sold for in the most recent market as well as what your competition is and what they are pricing their homes at. This will help you make an informed decision about your listing price. You are in control and I am here to educate you and assist you in selling your home.

I will then give you pointers on how to enhance the marketability of your home. After your home is listed I will then provide you with regular progress reports and discuss with you comments I have received on your process when I call buyer’s agents to get their feedback. When an offer is received on your home I will help you with the negotiations and provide an estimate of your net sales proceeds prior to you accepting an offer. Upon accepting an offer on your home, I will assist you in all activities throughout the closing process and to help make the transaction as smooth as possible.

When you hire a Saskatoon Century 21 real estate agent you also get Air Miles when you list or buy a property through us, you will earn Air Miles, so this is an added bonus of hiring me. Contact me and let me show you what I can do for you and your Saskatoon home!

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