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Saskatoon is a beautiful city on the South Saskatchewan River and is the most populous city in Saskatchewan. Saskatoon has 4 distinct seasons which allow residents to enjoy a wide variety of sports and leisure activities throughout the year. The social scene in Saskatoon is a busy one with everything from festivals, concerts and trade shows happening monthly. There is always something happening in our city so be prepared to be entertained. You may often hear Saskatoon referred to as “Bridge City” as there are seven river bridges in the city. The city of Saskatoon is truly a unique city that has all of the amenities of a large city but the mentality and hospitality of a small town.

The current Saskatoon real estate market is very strong and is one that is steadily increasing. There are many positive influences on the Saskatoon real estate market ranging from the abundance of natural resources, diversity in research and development field, the University, and of course our wealth of great people. The citizens of Saskatoon strive to keep Saskatoon a safe and friendly place to live and visit. It is an excellent time if you are looking to move to Saskatoon or invest in the Saskatoon real estate market. New housing development is on the rise in Saskatoon with a lot of new housing developments and condo projects in the works. This provides excellent opportunities for people to upgrade their existing home or be a first time home buyer.

If you have any questions about the city of Saskatoon or the Saskatoon real estate market please feel free to contact me at anytime and enjoy the beautiful city of Saskatoon!

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