Mistakes to avoid when buying a home



Buying a home in Saskatoon can be overwhelming and there are many things to consider besides location and price. Here’s a few common mistakes that buyers often make and recognizing them upfront will allow you to be prepared when the time comes.

Money matters
When you’re ready to purchase a home, you’re often focused on the down payment and monthly mortgage payments. It’s important not to forget about closing costs as well. Closing costs can add up and can amount to anywhere up to 5% of the cost of your home. Get quotes upfront and make sure to factor in costs for any inspections, lawyers fees including land titles fees, title insurance if necessary, utility hookups, home owners insurance, and any property tax adjustments that may be required before you take possession.

Ignoring resale
Homeowners stay in their homes on average for four years. So while resale may not seem important to you when you decide to write an offer on a home, it will likely be very important in a few years. Keep resale in mind when choosing a location and your home’s features. Use my resources as a skilled real estate agent to help narrow down your choices to include those with favourable resale value.

Unwilling to walk away
The process of buying a home has many moving parts which leads to many instances that things can go wrong, turning the deal into a disaster. For example, the home inspection could turn up major unknown problems with the home. If the seller is unwilling to negotiate in light of the discovery, as a buyer you will have to decide if you are willing to live with and pay for the problems or if you are going to walk away. It can be a tough choice if you’ve already decided this is the home for you and have mentally “moved-in”. Don’t regret your decision and be certain to make an informed decision, whatever choice you make.

Don’t make these mistakes on your home buying experience. It should be enjoyable, not something you will regret doing later on. As an experienced Saskatoon real estate agent, I am committed on helping you get a great deal on the home that’s right for you.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon Real Estate Agent

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