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I recently came across this strange article involving a woman being forced to sell her condo and I thought I’d share it with you.

British Columbia’s highest court upheld a judgement that ordered a Vancouver area woman to sell her condo. The ruling, issued by the BC Supreme Court, ordered Rose Jordison to sell her Surrey condo after numerous complaints about the behaviour of her son, Jordy and years of unpaid condo fees.

The Jordison’s moved into the complex in 2006 and by the following year, had accumulated more than two dozen complaints mostly related to noise. Over the next few years, neighbours continued to file complaints directed at the son, Jordy. They claimed that he stomped around loudly and would scream obscenities, make rude gestures, and spit at the other residents.

Rose argued that the behaviour is result of her son’s autism however was unable to provide any medical evidence to support her claim. She also filed a human rights complaint but withdrew is after they requested medical documentation.

The initial court judge on the case concluded that the only reasonable solution was to order the Jordison’s to move. Jordison appealed, arguing that the court didn’t have the authority to interfere with her property rights. The Appeal Court issued a unanimous decision that said that in extreme cases, provincial legislation permits a court-ordered sale.

The case was considered the first of it’s kind in BC and Canada has seen a few other similar cases in Ontario. Legal experts have predicted that more neighbour disputes could end up in court as condos are becoming a more popular type of residence.

Currently, one in eight Canadian households reside in a condo, according to Stats Canada.

It’s very difficult to ensure who your neighbours are when buying a condo in Saskatoon but in my opinion, be the kind of neighbour that you would want to have and to remember what you are buying into initially.

If you are considering a move in (or out!) of a condo in Saskatoon, contact me and I’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need.


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