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Searching for a home in Saskatoon is not only a financial stress but can also play an emotional toll as well. Your feelings will play a large role in your choice of a home. In fact, many buyers will decide that it’s “the one” within the first few minutes.
It’s great once you’ve gotten that feeling but what happens if you are looking as a couple? What if the other person doesn’t feel the same way?

While men and women find some of the same features in a home important, they also can have a vastly different outlook on some of the home’s ‘must-have’ features.  Women typically fall for a fabulous ensuite bathroom, a large walk in closet, and gourmet kitchen. Men on the other hand, are typically drawn to home theatre rooms and wired in systems, as well as spaces they can call their own.

Here are a few tips to consider if you’re house hunting with a partner.

Wait until the honeymoon is over

  • wait at least a year after living with someone before you add the stress of buying a home. That way you can find out which features are important to each of you and you will discover how each of you will use the space.

Needs vs wants

  • discuss the priorities you have in a home before you start shopping. Each of these will be different based on your individual histories of the home you grew up in and the vision you have of your dream home. Be clear as to what it is each of you is willing to compromise on from these lists.

Discuss the future

  • what you both want for the future will also play an important role in determining what house you ultimately purchase. How many kids, what Saskatoon neighbourhood to choose (for schools), and how long you see yourselves owning the home all become important factors to consider to find the home that will fit best with those plans.

Like most couples, you may find that buying a home will ultimately strengthen your relationship. The experience is filled with compromise, decision making, and excitement for the future. Just be sure to do it together.

Once you’ve decided to begin looking for a home, be sure to check out the buyer section of my website. You’ll find helpful information on what to consider before you start your search, how to begin the search, the offer process, and why you should hire me to represent you in buying a home in Saskatoon.


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