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With the holidays fast approaching, I often get asked by Saskatoon sellers if they should wait until after the holidays to list their house. Or, if I have their house listed currently, should they take it off the market for December and start fresh in the New Year? A traditional way of thinking would be to wait until the spring to list when the market and the weather warms up and buyers are out in full force, however I disagree. December is a fantastic time to sell your home and here’s a few reasons why.

Housing inventory is typically low. Most people do wait to list their homes until March or April when the outside temperatures become milder. Most sellers don’t want to be bothered with showings and open houses during the holiday season and December and January are great times to plan a hot holiday. With a reduced number of competing houses for sale in Saskatoon, the odds of your house selling go up.

Buyers are motivated. I find that the buyers that are out looking for homes in December are serious. They’ve been preapproved for a mortgage, saved up a down payment, and are ready to make an offer. Nosy neighbours stay at home and you get quality people coming through open houses and setting up showings when the temperatures hit below -20.

Math doesn’t lie. It’s simple, you have a better chance of selling your home then you do if you wait until the spring. Here’s an example: In April 2012, there were 728 new listings and 406 sales in Saskatoon for the month. That represents 56%. Now compare that to December 2012. Last year we saw just 252 new listings hit the market but there were a whopping 181 sales, representing 72%. Now I’m not saying that 72% of sellers who listed their homes in December also sold their houses in that same month, it means that with fewer people trying to sell their homes the chances of you being able to sell yours rises.

It doesn’t matter when you try and sell your home with today’s technology and 24/7 listing availability to potential buyers. Serious and quality buyers in Saskatoon don’t stop looking just because of what the calendar says.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

Century 21 Fusion


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