Buying a home over the holiday season


Fist House 1Few people are focused on anything else but the upcoming holiday during this time of year, especially not buying a home. Why add more stress to the already stressful season? If you’re in the market to buy, now might just be the best time to snag a great deal. Here are a few reasons why.

Less Market Activity– Calendars jam packed with family, school, work events and combined with less than desirable weather lead to an overall slow in the real estate market. Fewer people overall looking to buy houses ultimately means less competition for the house you want to buy, giving you leverage.

Motivated Sellers- People selling their homes over the holiday season often have great incentive to sell. If the house has been on the market for quite some time, that incentive is usually greatly increased. If you as a buyer are not in the same urgency, you could use that to your advantage and negotiate firmly and fairly with sellers to see a greater savings potential.

Potential Tax Advantages- Although the best advice is to consult a tax professional before you buy, there may be great incentives to buying a home before or after the year’s end depending on how many other deductions you have this year and expect to have next year.

Better Interest Rates- Within the general trend of interest rates, there is often the cyclical trend of lower interest rates over the holiday season due to limited demand forcing greater competition among lenders.

The weather may still be frightful, but your opportunities to buy a home around the holidays may be just as delightful. Enjoy the holiday season as you explore your options. Don’t forget to give Santa your forwarding address!


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

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