Why Hire Kari Calder?

When looking to hire a Saskatoon real estate agent it is critical that you are confident in that agent’s ability. There are different types of real estate agents that specialize in different areas. Some agents focus on just selling homes while some just focus with commercial real estate. It is important that you find a real estate agent that is up to date on the Saskatoon real estate market from a buyer’s perspective.

So Why Hire Kari Calder?

  • As a Saskatoon real estate agent who has been in the business since 2007 I have had experience in all different types of Saskatoon real estate markets. I have helped over 700 people buy and or sell since beginning my career so my experience is strong. Many of my business comes from previous clients through their referrals. I am very active in the Saskatoon real estate market and am doing something in the real estate market every day so this is important as I am up to date on what is currently happening.
  • I am willing and eager to work with first time home buyers. For first time home buyers is it important to find a real estate agent that is experienced with first time buyers as there can be programs and more available down payment options for you. Some real estate agents can also forget what it is like to be a first time buyer and may not be as patient or understanding as you will tend to have more questions as this is a new experience for you.
  • I have extensive experience working with growing families with growing needs, empty nesters as well as buyers looking to purchase revenue property.
  • I am energetic, enthusiastic and honest. I will work hard to find you the right home in a non-pressure relationship. I am dedicated to my clients and finding them the home that is right for them, not just the house that is there right now.
  • I have access to the best resources to help you find that perfect property, whether it be for yourself, your family, or as a revenue home. I can send you listings that suit your needs as they come to me, most often before they hit the Saskatoon MLS website which gives you a lead on other buyers who aren’t working with a real estate agent.
  • I will dedicate a lot of time and energy to you as a buyer, therefore I kindly ask that you respect my dedication by agreeing to work only with me and not be using other real estate agents in Saskatoon to find a home at the same time. If you see a property that is not advertised on the Saskatoon MLS I can also represent you and your best interests by contacting the sellers directly. If you work with many agents at a time it compromises your confidentiality, so it actually harms your bargaining power as, if you are not under agency with one real estate agent in Saskatoon, every other agent you have been speaking to can disclose personal, financial, and other confidential information. If you work with ONE agent, you are in a client agent relationship therefore that agent must protect your privacy.
  • I have a couple of partners with whom I work very close with. This means that if for any reasons I am not available one of my associates can be available to show you the property and if it is the right property write the offer on my behalf.
  • Like most other real estate agents, I am busy but I will always take the time to return your calls, emails and get you out to see properties as soon as humanly possible. It does take a bit of time to book appointments and some of them do require 24 hours notice.

So if you still have questions about hiring Kari please feel free to contact me with them or any other questions you may have about the Saskatoon real estate market.

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