Building smart


New home fever starts innocently enough. Maybe you’re out one Sunday afternoon and decide to stop in at a show home to get decorating ideas. The next thing you know, you’ve fallen in love with the new home smell and dreaming about what it would be like to own a brand new house complete with warranty. It happens all the time. People get smitten and get caught up in all that’s shiny and new.

Building a home in Saskatoon may seem to be the easy way to get what you want but it may not just be about making colour selections and finishes. Ensure you are also making a smart decision by having a professional Saskatoon Realtor® like myself by your side, helping you along the way.

Don’t assume the agent working the sales centre will have your best interest in mind. They may, but to be sure, use your own buyer’s agent. Someone who is on your side and will represent your best interest in the home buying process. They may be able to negotiate the price down or get upgrades added in for no extra charge. Ensure to register your agent at the first meeting to be sure they can assist you throughout the transaction.

As your agent I can also help you make certain considerations with keeping resale in mind. I can let you know if the builder has a great reputation for quality, the details of the new home warranty, what upgrades provide the most bang for your buck, and what other development is going on in the neighbourhood.

As always, it’s best to have a Trusted Realtor® like myself helping you along the way. New home construction can be costly and messy but it doesn’t have to be with me by your side.

Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

Century 21 Fusion

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