A new measurement standard is adopted in Alberta, pt 2


The Real Estate Council of Alberta recently adopted a standard of measurement for real estate professionals to abide by when listing a home. To read part 1, please click here.

The new measurement system will require all agents to implement the following:

  • Identify if the measurement system is metric or imperial and apply it consistently
  • For single detached properties, measure outside surface of the exterior walls at floor level
  • For properties with common walls, the interior perimeter walls at floor level are to be measured.
  • Include floor levels that are entirely above grade and exclude floor levels if ANY portion is below grade. Below grade levels may be measured but the area must not be included in the area.
  • Include all additions to the main structure if they are above grade, weatherproof, and suitable for year round use.
  • The property must have a minimum floor to ceiling height of 7 feet. If the ceiling is sloped, the area with a floor to ceiling height of at least 5 feet can be included provided there is a ceiling height of 7 feet somewhere in the room.
  • Include all cantilevers, bay, bow windows, dormers that have a minimum floor to ceiling height of 5 feet.
  • Exclude open areas that have no floor, such as vaulted areas.

Although these standards are said to be a first for any regulatory body in Canada to impose, these are the same standards that we are taught by our Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® when measuring a property. Although these are practiced by agents in our region for the most part, it seems that the most common discrepancies come from houses with walkout basements and loft spaces.

An adoption of a set standard of rules in our province would be a welcome addition to our industry and would require educating the members of our industry to ensure consistency throughout. It’ll be interesting to see how Alberta adapts to the new system and if they see any improvements over the coming years.


Kari Calder

Saskatoon real estate agent

Century 21 Fusion

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